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Al Fajr International Pvt Ltd is a dynamic International Business Platform service. Our company hosts a complete package of services required for business whether you are starting a new business venture or stuck in some import / export issues. Our services expand on a global level. However, we provide extensive services in import and export between China-Pakistan. Nevertheless, we deal in imports and exports from Thailand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai which will help our clients in expanding their business horizons


Our Dynamic Business


For our clients, we provide complete package of International business services. Just desire for your required items that you want to import from anywhere and we will have it over to your doorstep. Forget the worries and procedures in between as they our problem to solve for you.
For business in China, we offer some special services ranging from Interpreter to teaching Chinese language enabling you to be self-sufficient for your enterprise.
From “Sourcing to Delivering” the products, we provide complete services for your business endeavor. For ease of understanding, we have divided our services into following categories


Import & Sourcing

Financial Service


Learn Chinese


Warehousing & Freight Service

custom clearance

Custom Clearance

visit to china

Visit to China




Al Fajr International Pvt Ltd started as a business organization in 2001 dealing in import / export from Asian countries mainly. Over a period of years, Al-Fajr International grew with experience and expertise which led to our expansion of vision. We deal in more than 500 different types of products and our imports contribute more than 50% to our business.
We established our brand further to provide business services and resources. Our focus was on eliminating language barrier from clients, to provide them with resources for business and to take away the nitty-gritty in between. Our platform served as a channel to many companies in their growth. With our experience for more than 15 years in this field, we have evolved into business experts. Our professional staff has grown into Trade Services Specialists who maintain excellent communication with local traders, distributers and manufacturers.

Our Clients Are Our Responsibility

Our expert client and customer care ensure that they face Zero hindrance in their business ventures and ensure timely products delivery. With experience in over 100 industrial products and 200 commercial products, we know immediately what our clients require. We provide “Affordable” services in all our demeanors and ensure that our clients trust does not fade a bit.

We at Al-Fajr International ensure that you believe in our motto

“Import was never so easy”